Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday's trip to a regulated smelter (and the beach)

By request and out of respect, I cannot post any pictures from yesterday's smelter audit.  I am also unable to comment on the location of the smelter or its operations.  Makes for a pretty boring blog entry...

Lead ranges in and around the facility ranged from below detectable limits to upwards of 5% in soil.  The slag and detritus by the slag maxed out the XRF.  These results were not surprising.

At the end of the day, we had time to visit Marina Beach to observe  some active Holocene sedimentation. The beach consisted of Quartz sand sourced from the Himalayas with a fair amount of heavy minerals still present. This was also the first time EC and I were exposed to India's impoverished community.

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  1. Is that PJC balancing on the tight rope? Hope all is going well. Jealous of all the field work, not the potential lead exposure. Have environmental and occupational arsenic levels been tested as well as lead? Experience indicates that both contaminants coexist at secondary smelting ops. Be safe and make the best of the trip. Also, CLD has a 5/5 for the recent assignment. KS