Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pb Refinery and Puducherry

Yesterday we went a lead refinery.  They refine lead alloys and mixtures into pure lead or alloys ordered by their customers.  They mainly import their raw material and export their products.  They do not smelt lead oxides.

In  the evening we Strolled around Puducherry barefoot in the rain, wandered into a hindu temple and a famous ashram, and ate french food and paneer all thanks to our cultural directuor, EC.

Today we went to a battery recycling facility.  They showed us such wonderful hospitality.  The plant was very compact and they process about 300 tons of lead per month compared to 2000-3000 per month at the first smelter.  This smelter was located near a few homes though.  We had tali plates for lunch and then finished the day at the Ranipet "super un-funded" site.  This is an abdandoned chromium ore processing facility.  The water literally runs bright neon yellow (Think: TMNT) out of this place and into the community through a wetlands area and into a lake.

Tomorrow EC and I are off to New Delhi for the day and then to Agra on Saturday.  The end of the India marathon begins tomorrow.  Schedule below;

5:00 am car to Chennai airport
7:25 am flight to New Delhi
5:00 am car to Agra
7:10 pm flight to Chennai
2:00 am flight to Europe
no clue what time from Europe to NYC

Wish us luck!! May not have time to blog until we get back to NYC.  PJC may be able to pick up the slack. Stay tuned!


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